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The purpose of this blog is to collect testimonials of all survivors of Mengestu Haile-Mariams Dictatorship. We trust that good will prevail only if the Human race will choose to learn from past wrongs. We will redeem our humanity if we recognize our responsibilities. We sincerely hope that the validity of this endeavor will be self-evident.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

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Bringing An African Dictator To Justice


The arrest of warlord Charles Taylor after his indictment was unsealed in June 2003 by UN-backed Sierra Leone Special Court cast a bright hope to conflict ridden Africa with dictators towering and trampling on rights of innocent citizens. Africa has for a long time been dominated by leaders who have constantly and consistently been unleashing in deliberate and indiscriminate manner terror with impunity to civilians. To address this phenomenon, AU council of ministers endorsed a plan of action against impunity in 1996. Subsequently, African leaders made a commitment through a declaration in 2000 to condemn genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in the continent and pledged to cooperate with relevant institutions in the continent and outside that are set up to prosecute perpetrators. However, the Charles Taylor case has exposed African leaders as lacking common approach in combating impunity and preserving emerging fragile peace and democracy in the continent. (Read more)http://www.somalilandtimes.net/sl/2005/219/04.shtml